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Soqqle Digispace

A unique digital space for people to come together and engage with others with common interests. This world is in a virtual environment where there are no real boundaries.

The Game

The World

Soqqle Digispace exists to help you interact more deeply with your surroundings - and those living in it. There is a revolution quietly taking place where people demand connectivity in deep, meaningful ways, online. This is a huge leap forward towards social good.


Join a house that suits you. With 6 houses to choose from, you are guaranteed to find one that matches your style. Never stand alone again. Our community needs you.


Stories bring people closer together. A meaningful story with a vision makes your life amazing. That is why we have laid out Soqqle to have unique and fun storylines around cool heroes. Heroes just like you.

Kickstart your jorney



Illuminate is a single player questions game that lets you key in answers to a few questions based on the topics of the heroes you follow.

Deep Dive

Deepdive is a two player questions game that lets you key in answers to a more questions based on the topics of the heroes you follow.


Test your knowledge with a multiple-choice-question question set and get higher rewards if you pass!

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Achievements are never lost. When you get better, they stay with you forever and for all to see. Soqqle Digispace takes your accomplishments in the world to the next level to keep you inspired

Soqqle sparks

Have you heard of Blockchain? Soqqle Sparks can be earned by players in the Digispace - and they're powered by the amazing Blockchain technology. Legit.


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John Lee

I've never heard of or tried such a revolutionary game system. Its refreshing and gives me a new way of engaging friend

Jeffrey Tan

The heroes are so cool, its quite interesting to trigger tasks related to these heroes

Angelina Loh

I'm a major learner in my life, and i think this could help me push it into the right direction. It's fun!

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